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Everything In Our Store Is Available For Local Pick-up If You Are In The Connecticut Area. All Prices Include Shipping And Handle To The Continental United States . Please Use Our Contact Us Page To Get In Touch With Us For Local Pick-Up, Bulk Ordering Or When Ordering Outside Of The Continental United States. *Please Note* We ship orders on Monday’s and Tuesday’s to ensure it gets to you as fresh as possible.


World Of Garlic ~ Garlic Scapes

Garlic Scapes watermarked

Fresh Garlic Scapes. They can be used in so many ways and in so many dishes.. Check out our recipes page for a few inspiring dishes or ways to serve up garlic scapes. S&H is Included For the Cont. United States. Please contact us if you need to purchase a large amount.

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World Of Garlic ~ Sample Pack

– World Of Garlic is pleased to offer a garlic sample pack. We are offering this so you can taste different varieties and then order your favorite varieties. The sample pack will be 1 pound of garlic. It will contain 3 varieties that you pick from the available varieties we have.

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Purple Glazer GarlicPurple GlazerPurple Glazer has a bright purple color with some gold/silver hues which makes it one of the most attractive garlics out there. Purple Glazer is a sub variety of Purple Stripe which is in a group known for being the best baked garlic. Purple Glazer has a bold longer lasting flavor, but it’s not hot and it has no real aftertaste.
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Elephant Garlic Elephant Garlic

Elephant garlic is not a true garlic but is a variant of a leek. It has flat leaves like a leek, but forms a very large bulb with garlic like cloves. The flavor is not exactly like garlic, but is more similar to garlic than to leeks. The flavor is milder than garlic, and much more palatable when used raw. Also a good roasting garlic because of the milder flavor and the size of the cloves/bulbs.

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Georgian Crystal

– Georgian Crystal is a very beautiful porcelain Hard neck variety that has a superb garlic flavor but doesn’t have the heat with it. It has a smooth buttery flavor when it is roasted. It originally came from the Republic of Georgia

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German Red

-A strong flavored variety. Very vigorous, it is large and easily peeled. It has a red colored skin. It is also known as the spice of life.


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German White AKA German Extra Hardy

– Porcelain bold flavor great for roasting because of its large cloves. Also used in sauces and almost all cooking needs. Another sturdy strain suitable for our northern climates.



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-Music is a very popular variety that produces huge bulbs that typically have 4-5 cloves per bulb. It was introduced by Al Music who obtained this variety from Italy during the 1980’s. Music offers a rich garlic flavor with a somewhat mild aftertaste. It is an ideal garlic for baking or as a general use garlic for your cooking needs. This garlic is very hot when it is eaten raw.Sold Out For 2018 
Red Toch

– Red Toch is a garlic that can be harvested early. It is very rich in flavor and is a mildly pungent Artichoke softneck garlic with golden yellow colored clove covers and parchment like colored bulb wrap that occasionally have thin stripes and a little color to them. This garlic can be stored until mid-winter.Sold Out For 2018 
Rossa di Sulmona– Also known as the Seeds of Italy.  It’s a wonderful red in color hard neck variety from the mountainous region aka the Abruzzo region of Italy. It is a favorite for most Italian cooks because it has an assertive garlic flavor, but yet is somewhat sweeter than the other garlic’s. This garlic will holds its flavor in long-cooking dishes like pasta sauces. This garlic can also be eaten raw like on bruschetta. Like all hardnecks, Rossa di Sulmona has large cloves and is easy to peel. The cloves are arranged in a circle around the central stem. It is a very cold hardy variety but the tradeoff is that it does not store as well.Sold Out For 2018


Russian White

– This garlic is a hot and spicy garlic with strong flavor and a high content of Allison. This garlic can help to prevent a number of things such as heart disease which includes atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and also cancer.

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Shilla– Shilla is a very beautiful garlic that can be harvested early. It is very rich flavor and is a moderately pungent Turban garlic. This garlic came from Korea and is a weakly bolting with golden yellow colored clove covers and parchment like colored bulb wrap that occasionally has thin stripes and a little color to them. This garlic wants to be the first one planted in the fall and can be stored until mid-November.Sold Out For 2018



-Also known as a rocambole. It is a hard neck and another early harvesting garlic with large and easy to peel cloves. It is a reliable producer with a high yield rate. It usually grows picture perfect bulbs. It has a uniform bulb size. The flavor is full with a bite and a hint of smokiness.

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Spanish Morado

– An excellent variety from that comes from Spain. It is also known as Morado de Pedronera. It has purple-brown cloves with a strong garlic flavor and a good kick. It typically has 10-12 cloves per bulb and is dense. This garlic also stores well.

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Spanish Roja
– Spanish Roja garlic has zing, and bulbs snap apart easily. A gourmet garlic that has robust “Garlic” flavor. It is most commonly used in pastas, casseroles, etc. It is very hot when eaten raw.Sold Out For 2018
Susanville-Susanville is an excellent early season flavorful garlic. It comes from the mountains in northern California. Susanville is a Artichoke. It is rich in flavor and only moderately pungent. It is said to be from a virus free test that took place in the 1980s. It can get quite large with the correct conditions.

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– (Porcelain)This is normally a large bulbed variety. The cloves have streaks on back but soft brown-pink with lines on the inside. Raw the taste of this garlic is strong and pleasant with little to no aftertaste. It will averages 4-5 cloves per bulb.Sold OutFor 2018World Of Garlic ~ Garden Stakes

World of garlic is pleased to offer 26″ long hardwood garden stakes with a chiseled end. They will come in a pack of four. You can pick any variety of garlic that you want on your stake from the varieties that will sell. Feel free to mix and match or if you would like make them all the same.



World Of Garlic ~ Custom Garden Stakes

World of garlic is pleased to offer 26″ long hardwood Custom garden stakes with a chiseled end. They will come in a pack of four. You can put up to 15 characters to make it say what you want. Feel free to mix and match each stake or if you would like you can make them all the same. The picture is to give you some ideas.


World Of Garlic ~ 6′ Tomato Stakes

World of garlic is pleased to offer these 1″x 1″ x 6′ long hardwood tomato stakes with a pencil sharpened end. They will come in a pack of six. If you would like to place a bulk order please use the contact page and send us an email.


World Of Garlic Garlic Wreath World Of Garlic ~ Garlic N Herb Door/ Kitchen Wreath

World Of Garlic is pleased to offer these Hand Made right here on our farm in the U.S.A. The wreath will contain some of the following herbs sage, marjoram, thyme, garlic, bay-leafs and oregano, ect. Then we add some texture/ color though the use of yarrow, safflower, chilies ect. These are great as a holiday gift for a door wreath or as a kitchen wreath so you can use the ingredients to make your favorite dishes.

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