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The Farm House And Garlic Mulched In,

The Old Farm House And The Land We Recently Cleared And A New Garlic Patch That’s Mulched In And Ready For Winter.

The majority of our crops are still grown on the land that my great grandfather purchased back in the early 1940’s. He farmed it until the mid 70’s  when he passed away.

He always farmed organic, not that it was a big deal back then, but he just couldn’t see spending money on commercial fertilizer when there was plenty of manure from all the animals on the farm.

I remember my grandfather telling stories of how his father ( my great grandfather) would take his produce put it in sacks and carry it down to the lake a few miles from the house where there were lots of people spending the weekend or vacationing from the city, sometimes he would make several trips a day.

We reclaimed the farm land in the late 90’s, by bush hogging the overgrown fields and plowing for new gardens. We started with free range eggs and selling them to the co-op and farming vegetables. We started planting garlic a few years ago and selling it at our local farmer’s market and garlic festivals. The garlic really took off so now we want to offer it online to more people.

Over the years we have grown or raised much of our own food. Having so many fresh foods and fresh or dried garlic to experiment with has lead to some great recipes. The recipes page of this website is where they are located and the will continue to grow as we try different varieties of garlic in both new and classic recipes.

We are finding garlic to be a fascinating crop. Each year we acquire more variety’s of garlic to add them to our next seasons planting crop. Once we have a sturdy/ healthy crop we offer them for sale. We are also working on becoming a certified organic grower.

We enjoy talking to novice and experienced eaters and growers of garlic. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



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